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Week 10: Things you write in an aeroplane! And, Change!

Hello You!

Let me tell you a little fairytale!

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a plane flying above the clouds.

You could see the clear sky, you could see the stars, you could feel the freedom. Yes, sometimes you can feel the freedom.

The plane was flying proud and powerful!

And then, suddenly, the plane started losing height, it started going into the clouds. You couldn’t see the stars anymore - fear - everything was vague and uncertain, nothing was clear, you were worried and scared.

And the plane continued losing height and it was going deeper and deeper into the clouds, and you were not sure anymore, you lost your faith, you thought you’d never land, you were worried and scared!

But you were wrong because minute by minute the plane was finding it’s way out of the clouds, you could now see the city, you could see it’s lights and you could feel it’s people moving.

And then the plane touched the ground and at that point you smiled, you were not worried or scared anymore, you walked out of the plane, you took a deep breath, and now you knew, you knew that you should have never lost your faith, now you were stronger to face the clouds and to enjoy the sun! Never lose faith!

Keep going! Keep showing up! Never lose faith:)

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Thank You for Being Here!



P.S.: I will be here once a week!


  1. Keep going!

  2. Keep showing up!

  3. Never lose faith!

  4. Embrace the change!


[This one is mostly for you that you are going through a change right now - just know that you will not be in the uncertainty of the cloud forever! <3]