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Week 7: 'Jim Carrey: I needed color'

Hello You!

I hope you are where you want to be!

This week was one of those weeks where you have a million ideas of what you want to say, do or write, but at the same time nothing makes sense and everything seems to be uninteresting and boring. I couldn’t make myself write any of the things on my list. The only thing that it was making sense was this ‘Jim Carrey: I needed color’ video. I don’t know exactly why but I love this video and I always love going back to it whenever I feel stuck.

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Week 2: How to stop comparing yourself to Others!

Hello You! 

I hope this finds you well!

So… I have been thinking a lot about the ‘comparison trap’ lately… and I decided to share my thoughts with You! Lucky You!;)

I was thinking about the kind of comparison where we compare our whole lives with other people's highlight moments, the comparison where we compare our whole lives, thoughts, efforts, dreams, struggles, our work with the carefully curated social media versions of other people's lives, the comparison where we compare our whole lives with that of people we have never met, people for whom the struggles they face we will never know, the one that leaves us with the inevitable feeling of 'not being enough'. That kind of comparison!

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