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Week 2: How to stop comparing yourself to Others!

Hello You! 

I hope this finds you well!

So… I have been thinking a lot about the ‘comparison trap’ lately… and I decided to share my thoughts with You! Lucky You!;)

I was thinking about the kind of comparison where we compare our whole lives with other people's highlight moments, the comparison where we compare our whole lives, thoughts, efforts, dreams, struggles, our work with the carefully curated social media versions of other people's lives, the comparison where we compare our whole lives with that of people we have never met, people for whom the struggles they face we will never know, the one that leaves us with the inevitable feeling of 'not being enough'. That kind of comparison!

It is weird, isn't it? And a bit sad and somewhat funny! But, that is exactly what we do, even if we don’t realise it. 

I find that artists struggle with this a little bit more than others. They compare the whole process of creating something along with the struggle and the disappointment that comes with it, with that one final piece of art of an artist they admire. And they forget to wonder how that final artwork came into place, they forget to deconstruct that artist’s creative process and to learn from it.

“True but why? Why am I doing this?” you are asking. I don’t know why people.

Probably it is easier. Probably as humans we are wired to find the easy way out - the less painful one!

And that is why comparison is a trap and we should definitely avoid it.

I believe that we need to make a conscious decision to remind ourselves that social media is just a tool and that we should use it as one. We should use it as a way to be informed and updated about the things that are of our interest. We should it use as a way to promote our work and to communicate with other people.

But most importantly, I feel that we need to remember to choose wisely as to who we allow in our social media space - in the same way that we wouldn't allow just anyone in our home. 

Also, we should remind ourselves, daily, for all the good in our life and to commit ourselves in being deeply grateful for it. 

We should use comparison as a motivation to improve and to become better in the things that matter. We should take a moment and notice the aspects of someone's attitude towards life that we like - their generosity, empathy, kindness - and make more time for that instead of wasting our precious time in the things that don't matter.

Don't let comparison steal the joy from your life. The life you live is so unique to you that it cannot be compared to anyone else's.                                  

Easier said than done! I know! And, by no means, I am not saying that I have mastered any of these… but I am definitely trying. 

Life is not a race after all! Life is a playful thing!

And as Alan Watts says; life is like music and dance - you are not listening to a song waiting for it to end and you are not dancing aiming to a particular spot on the dance floor where you will arrive. The whole point of dancing is the dance.

So, sing the song and dance the dance! :)

There you go…these are some of my thoughts on the comparison trap or game or war or whatever you call it. 

Now it is your turn. Any tips or tools you use to avoid comparison and which they help you keep doing, keep enjoying and living your life?

Let me know!

And before you go, remember to share if you liked!

Thank You for Being Here! 



P.S.: I will be here once a week!


  1. Comparison is a trap.

  2. Social media is a tool, use it as one.

  3. Be grateful.

  4. Use comparison as a motivation.

  5. Have fun!

Bonus: Link to Alan Watts view on life: click here.