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Athina is a visual artist from Nicosia, Cyprus.

She has always been passionate and intrigued by art and artists, but it was not until after acquiring her degree in Mathematics and Statistics and moving to London to obtain her qualification as a Chartered Accountant that she decided to explore the art and photography world a bit further.

In her free time she attended various photography courses, workshops and talks and she found herself drawn to the in between world of art and photography.

As a result, Athina started creating images where these two worlds crossed. She currently takes photographs and then digitally manipulates them in a pictorial way. 

Athina is deeply inspired by humans, the human experience and the everyday life and her work is informed by such themes.

Colour plays a significant part in her current work as it is part of the narrative, the conception of the idea and it unlocks her creativity.

Athina currently lives and works between London and Nicosia. 

Group exhibitions:

‘Time To Think’ exhibition by Shutter Hub, 2019, Festival Pil’Ours, France


Workshop with Brooke Shaden, Promoting Passion, 2019, New York, USA

Professional photography course, 2018, London Institute of Photography, London, UK

Workshop with George Georgiou and Vanessa Winship, Street and documentary photography, 2016, Photography Workshop New York, New York, USA

Film and darkroom photography, 2014, Central Saint Martins - UAL, London, UK


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